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Hand Made Furniture by Tim Barron

Tim shows a complete understanding of the Gothic form. His precise knowledge of the geometry involved has allowed him to simplify the Gothic style to minimum in tubular steel. The spring lines for each arch are spot on and clean , the intersections are seamless in the way a ribbed arch goes on to form an ogee arch.

This absolute grasp of Gothic style has allowed him to create a new “Gothic Minimalism”, slick, modern, and Clean. You only have to look at his designs and you know they are right.

Each bed is hand made by him in his Gloucestershire workshop and is built to fit the height available or required. All the bends in the tubular steel are formed by hand and then welded together in sections, then painted in a black satin finish.

The Old Dairy - Parkway Farm, Fossebridge, Nr Northleach, Gloucestershire. GL54 3JL
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